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We provide on-time, on-budget and quality service to our clients and consistently meet their expectations.

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Indus-Group is a technology consulting firm founded by proficient performers in the technical solutions and consulting optimization space. Our mission is to be the number one choice of Seeking Technology Solutions, and to deliver, reinforce and maintain our passionate commitment to our clients' success. Our candidates work under a wide variety of employment agreements. Such as.,






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About Us

“We provide on-time, on-budget and quality service to our clients and consistently meet their expectations”

About Indus-Group

Indus-Group is a technology consulting firm founded by proficient performers in the technical solutions and consulting optimization space. We provide on-time, on-budget and quality service to our clients and consistently meet their expectations. Our mission is to be the number one choice of companies seeking technology solutions, and to deliver, reinforce and maintain our passionate commitment to our clients' success.

We work closely with our client's management and decision-makers that are responsible for keeping their company healthy and profitable. Understanding clients allows us to best match their company with prospective candidates in a timely and accurate manner.

We deliver qualified consultants and project managers for both contract and ongoing requirements across all science and technology disciplines. Our mission is to offer our clients a best in class suite of professional services and to provide the most qualified candidates for our client's critical services needs. We strive to build a close partnership with each client and to provide quality, cost effective services solutions for all IT needs of our clients through personalized attention, flexibility, reliable service and innovative solutions.

Our Mission
  • To develop state-of-the-art solutions aimed to address industry requisites
  • To follow the organization's key principles being exclusively customer oriented and quality focused.
  • To constantly strive to achieve excellence and continuous business improvement
  • To be a people centric organization with emphasis on leadership values
  • To provide unmatched benefits extended to employees
  • To maintain an encouraging employee culture, boosting team spirit and rewarding outstanding performers
Our Vision
  • To deliver market-leading Information Technology services at standard quality and value
  • To provide value and expert advice primarily to retain strong business relationship
  • To be recognized as an innovative industry leader by fulfilling the diverse need of our customers
  • To maintain transparent employee communications. Certifying the employees work with integrity, respect and adhering to ethics framed by the organization


“We source and recruit only the best talent through intensive evaluation, interviewing and background check processes...”

Typically Indus-Group places candidates in project management, analysis, validation, technical writing, infrastructure, software testing and development roles. Clients choose Indus-Group as a proven service provider because of our track record in talent acquisition as well as our expertise in the IT industry

Our approach focuses on identifying and placing workers that match our clients' exact needs-- and we are successful across diverse business sectors and international borders. Our candidate work under a wide variety of employment agreements including

  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Payroll
Who can we find for you today

We source and recruit only the best talent intensive evaluation, interviewing and background check processes to guarantee you the highest quality placement. Rigorous assessments of skills, communication abilities and professionalism are part of our process, complemented by thorough reference checks. Our service includes the handling of all employer burdens, including taxes, unemployment insurance, workers compensation and daily wages. Specially our process consist of 5 steps:

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Evaluation
  • Selecting
  • Monitoring

Indus-Group integrates innovative recruitment technologies and processes to quickly more effectively deliver engaged, performance-ready employees to empower better business results

An Experienced Partner

  • Assist our clients with more than 2,00,000 hires annually
  • 12 million candidates assessed annually

A Recognized Expert

  • A global leader in HR Outsourcing and consulting
  • An industry leader in large market, high-volume RPO
  • HR BPO integration leader -- Rated #1 in HR BPO Customer satisfaction

Higher-value Results

  • Increased performance-ready talent
  • Highly rated hiring manager and candidate experiences
  • From workforce planning to new hire engagement, we can help you to improve the way you acquire performance-ready talent.

As technology merges with HR, new horizons opens up for HR departments to deliver better services and greater business values. With these new capabilities also comes a greater risk of pitfalls if that technology isn't being driven by an informed HR perspective

From planning to deployment to post-build operation and optimization, our solutions are informed by our strong HR point of view. The result is solutions that function better, transfer risk, deliver strong data, and take your HR team--and your company--further. Simple, Powerful, Proven that's the power of our HR minded approach.

With your global infrastructure, Indus-Group can elevate your HR services with ease. Our delivery model is flexible and designed to fill the gaps wherever needed.

Indus-Group delivery model is based on scale and leverages our global expertise. No matter how specific or limited your needs may be, every client reaps the benefit of our end-to-end experience. Indus-Group offers you an on-demand resource for the specialized skills needed to excel.

Indus-Group is a global leader in HR SaaS Solutions. Not only do we have the experience to ensure that your project goes smoothly and your data is trustworthy, but we also guarantee risk transference through strict service level agreements. We promise our clients we will deliver-- and we do.

How prepared are you, your company your talent to drive performance in the face of impending change?
Business leaders today face unprecedented challenges brought on by simultaneous macro-level economic, technological, dgraphic and social trends. Many leaders will need to revisit and set new organizational strategies, but they cannot effectively execute on what is required for growth without engaging their talent in the right behaviors for the future.

Making engagement happen will be the business challenge of the next decade and a focal point of the emerging talent imperative. Real employee engagement means that employees are maximizing their values to the organization.

Indus-Group in Global employee engagement report takes a deeper look at engagement trends and key engagement drivers across the globe. The report then explores what best employer organizations are doing differently to drive higher engagement, revenue growth and shareholder value.

PRIMUS has developed successful methodologies to deliver custom and packaged solutions in a distributed development environment. PRIMUS combines local technical consultants and PMI certified project managers with round-the-clock global development capabilities. PRIMUS' global operations make it the perfect service provider for corporations focused on time-to-market, PRIMUS' development model has resulted in a loyal and ever growing customer base in the competitive technology market space. PRIMUS has capabilities to serve its customers at each of the 5 project management processes.

PRIMUS' extensive expertise includes:

  • Enterprise resource planning. implementation. customization. migration and conversion
  • Client server application development and management
  • Network infrastructure maintenance and upgrades
  • Project management
  • Configuration management

PRIMUS has deep Domain Knowledge and Comprehensive Capabilities across Rail, BFSI. Telecom / Embedded, High Tech/Ecommerce, Manufacturing/Engineering and Health Care Industries.

At PRIMUS we work closely with you to determine the best possible solution to your IT problems.
Often we will find that it is best to augment your existing staff, other times it will be more prudent for PRIMUS to manage a team off site for you. When cost is the overriding issue it may be best to utilize our offshore team for the best possible IT solution at the best possible price. Your PRIMUS business development contact will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate course of action for your unique circumstances.


Some IT projects require a specialized team that can work at your facility. You need them in place quickly and you need them to easily develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with legacy applications. PRIMUS can provide the right team for the project With our capabilities., resources and knowledge we can think outside the box and help you develop solutions that will exceed your expectations. We understand not only your technical requirements, but your corporate culture as well, so we can provide a team that will provide a solution that fits your corporate vision.


When you have a project that requires an outside team, PRIMUS can quickly pull together a team of experts using our dedicated 24/7 recruiting process. Our extensive project management capabilities assure you that the project will remain on task, on time and on budget At PRIMUS we can manage the project for you, we un-derstand how important it is to provide the right solution, quickly and efficiently. W e can take your project from the business requirements and planning stage to the high-level design, requirements, code, application integration, testing to live production.


When your requirements are to find the best solution at the best price, offshore development is the answer._ With a team of over 54 dedicated technical members located in Hyderabad, India, we can provide offshore projects and product development. We have a modern, fully-equipped development center in India with complete back office support and solution development teams. We provide QA testing and methodologies, Microsoft/Java technologies and Web/E-Commerce solurtions._ Our offshore team can provide innovative IT solutions quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

When off-the-shelf solution won't cut it...

Quite often businesses are eager to adopt and leverage IT. but due to unique business processes and workflows, hardly any commercially available system meets the needs,
The solution architects and business analysts on PRIMUS application development team present different alternatives. We start out with a 'buy Vs, build' and TCO (total cost of ownership} analysis to ensure the strategy that is most advantageous for our clients

For custom application development PRIMUS offers proprietary Fast Development Framework to jump start and shorten entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Rapid development and incremental releases result in quick return on investment.

To achieve the business value of the greater ‘whole’ than the sum of discrete information systems
By definition. Integration projects involve multiple technologies, platforms and systems. Each integration point may pose unique set of challenges in terms of interfaces, data translation and process mappings.

PRIMUS carries out in-depth analysis of ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be' states offers comprehensive, enterprise-level strategy that focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that run the business.

It includes improving the quality and timeliness of information, and providing information on demand and where it is needed, regardless of the source system. A successful IT integration strategy ultimately reduces the time and cost of managing information and IT resources, will provide a higher ROI and decrease the total cost of ownership over time.

Designing the IT strategy for business success.

Successful IT strategy requires not only attention to detail but also periodic review of "the big picture". With every increasing linking of business bottom line with successful IT strategy, it has become imperative to have effective, clearly defined goals for all existing and planned IT systems.

In todays IT marketplace there are multiple options available locally as well as globally. A smart IT strategy should combine efficiencies from different options, resulting in a blended, optimal plan that can be turned into actions and accountabilities.

With it's global capabilities, PRIMUS strategic consulting team helps business/IT decision makers create a comprehensive, step-by-step approach for harnessing IT resources to meet the overall business objectives.

Partnering with you on every step for a quicker Time-to-Market

With an aim of broad diversification, PRIMUS is developing products that are sold directly to businesses in the Rail Industry. We presently have two products available RailCarRx & Maintenance Advisor

These products enhance your productivity while saving you money. RailCarRx was designed to increase efficiencies, throughput and maximize profitability for rail repair shops. Maintenance Adv isor was developed to help equipment owners and maintenance responsible parties quickly and easily assess equipment health based on open EI-IMS alerts, Early Warnings, and DDCT incidents, For more information on these products, please visit RailCarRx.com

We work closely with our client's management and decision -makers that are responsible for keeping their companies healthy and profitable. Understanding clients allows us to best match their company with prospective candidates in a timely and accurate manner


“You will have a groeing role in the management of the company and you will link Indus-Group work ...”


“We have experience in industries such as Technology, Airlines & Transportation, Telecommunications, Finance, Insurance...”

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